Annual Appeal 

Caper 10 Alumni Association, Inc.

October 2021


Dear Members and Friends,

2021 was a special year for Caper 10.  We were able to offer six $3000 scholarships to LCMR seniors due to the generosity of the family and friends who donated in memory of Paul Yerk, a longtime supporter of education and Caper 10.  We are very grateful!

The awards were made to Alexandria Bright, Nikolas Frey, Victoria Novsak, Ashlyn Sekela, Riley Sullivan and Allyssa Wagner.

We have high hopes for this year’s endeavor but we recognize that our goals cannot be met unless we have the cooperation and commitment of all of you.  If each member could renew their membership AND reach out to at least one other graduate to encourage them to join, we will once again be successful.

You can renew your Caper 10 membership by completing a 2022 membership form which is either included with this letter, because we have no email address for you (and we encourage you to add it to your information), in a separate email attachment, or available at and  mailing it with your $100 check to Caper 10 Alumni Association, Inc. c/o Loretta F. Saggiomo, 239 Fourth Avenue Front, West Cape May, NJ 08204-1022.  Please take the time to include the membership form with your check so we can keep your information updated.

Remember that associate memberships of $50 are also welcome if friends and/or spouses of members care to participate.

Thank you, as always, for your loyalty and substantial  support.  We can assure you that the recipients of these financial boosts are thankful!


Ed Sherretta, President

Brady Bonner, Bruce Fournier, Skip Hoffman, Tracey Martin, Erica O’Neill, Loretta Saggiomo, Leanne Scheff,